About Us

Pablo and Emma sit side by side, Emma throwing a peace sign and Harley the Border Collie sat in the background.

Hello we’re Emma, Pablo and our puppy Harley!

How it all began?

We have always loved travel, in fact when we first met way back in 2007 within a month Emma invited Pablo to join her on a two month backpacking adventure around Southeast Asia. That’s where our adventures together began and there’s been many more since. From India to Ireland we absolutely love to be on the move!

Why A Van?

Through all our travels all of our favorite trips have been roadtrips. There’s something about the freedom of the road that makes those holidays extra special. Whether it’s driving through Europe in our first van Vinnie (our tiny beaten up Mazda Bongo) or in a rental SUV through the US and Canada we just can’t get enough of those open roads.

Our previous roadtrips have all been unreal but we always leave wanting way more and a van seemed like the perfect solution to our constant wanderlust

After packing up our life in London, moving back to Scotland and getting a puppy it seemed like the perfect time to put our long term dream of a large camper into action. After almost 2 years of looking we finally purchased Rex, our 2015 Mercedes Long Wheel Base Sprinter in February 2022!

What’s The Van Conversion Plan?

The plan so far is build the van the best we can so we can get going.

Neither of us are particularly handy but what we lack in skill we make up for in enthusiasm. We are learning as we go with the help of YouTube, the internet, and kind people with much more skills than us. We will be updating all of our progress, success and failures on here and Instagram so you can come along for the ride!

We are aware that building the van itself is going to be a bit of an adventure. With zero experience, living in a flat with no space, all while running our own businesses full time but we’re always up for a challenge!

Thanks for stopping by and joining us on this new adventure.