Hello world!

First up hi, welcome and thank you so much for stopping by our little corner of the internet.

Who is Hello Adventures?

This is a joint blog by Emma an artist who loves adventures and the alternative side of life and Pablo a web developer with a love of exploring and flying his drone.

Hello Adventures has been in the pipeline for longer than both of us would like to admit. One of the first things we bonded over was travel and after only knowing each other for 3 weeks we had booked a 2 month trip around Southeast Asia with our best friend Calum.

That was over a decade ago and though now we might splash out on a room without a cockroach infestation nothing much has changed. We both have a true passion for travel and exploring things in our own laidback style.

What to expect from this blog?

Though we both believe that tourist attractions have a time and a place we tend to take a more relaxed approach to travel, mainly avoiding the crowds and checking out local spots, and street art.

We also love a road trip whether it’s campervanning around Belgium, driving the US west coast or weaving through the Rockies there is nothing quite like taking the open road at your own pace.


An important part of travel for both of us is food, whether it’s discovering new and exciting flavors or a twist on a classic we’re keen to give it a try.

Our vibe is curbside street trucks, and cozy places with mismatched furniture but just because our favourite dishes don’t tend to be fancy, doesn’t mean that they’re not great quality.

We’re both veggie but really up for giving anything that’s not animal based a shot. Emma is a bit of a pizza fiend whereas Pablo’s mexican side often sways him towards the spicers options, which depending where we are can often ends in fiery tears.

To wash all those delicious dishes down we enjoy indulging in a craft coffee or beer, so can often be found catching up with work over a cold brew or winding down in a local brewery.


We are both currently based in London and though not technically travel, we love sharing what this vibrant city has to offer and take pride in attempting to be your local guides.

So that’s what we’re about in a nutshell.

We really hope that you’re all as excited to come on this adventure with us as we are.

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